President and Co-Founder’s Message:

Thank you for visiting Ridgewood Business Connections (RBC’s) website. RBC was founded in the fall of 2011 with several key ideals:

  • Find outstanding professionals that offer goods and services.
  • Have the professionals live or work primarily in Ridgewood, New Jersey and or in the surrounding towns.
  • Develop business relationships with trusted professionals to best serve clients, business partners, and friends.

As a founding member, I believe we have accomplished our initial goals and continue to do so. Many RBC members frequently express that this networking group is special.

RBC members are men and women from numerous industries who come together to share ideas, help each other with their businesses, and exchange referrals. Each member holds a seat that is exclusive to their class of trade.

One of the many aspects that make RBC unique is our mix of male and female business professionals. This was not by design, but does make it unique compared to other networking groups.

We can help you!

If you are a business professional seeking to grow your business, I welcome you to join us. Since we have class of trade exclusivity, please contact us to confirm your seat is open. We ask any potential member to visit us twice before deciding to join RBC.

If you are looking for goods and services, look at our members list.

We’re here to help.

Scott Lief
President and Co-Founder
Ridgewood Business Connections

Additional Information about RBC

Our Mission

To enhance and support the career goals of our members by providing a strong network of professional contacts centered in Ridgewood, New Jersey and its surrounding towns.

Meet our officers and steering committee members:

President: Scott Lief, Guaranteed Rate

Vice-President: Shari Hellman, Hibu

Treasurer: Tom Singleton, Lincoln Financial

Secretary: Carl Shoemaker, Action Coach