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Welcome to Ridgewood Business Connections (RBC) an active networking group that meets every Monday morning in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

We are a dedicated, talented group of professionals and business owners who meet to share our industry knowledge and expertise. We recognize that meeting weekly establishes long-term, trusted relationships. This in turn translates into strong referrals. We enjoy seeing each other at our meetings. While the meetings are business-centric, we frequently share personal events in our lives with all of the members. Having good relationships with business contacts translates into being a resource for our trusted clients, other professionals, and close friends. Each member has many years of experience in their field.

Our steering committee meets with every business professional before they are accepted as a member. There is an application process and an interview which is based upon specific criteria. This ensures the quality of professionalism within the group.

We accept new members throughout the year and encourage current members to invite professionals to join us. All visitors should note we offer member exclusivity. If you have found this site while browsing, please contact us to verify that your professional seat is open.

What makes RBC unique:

  • Centralized around Ridgewood, New Jersey. Members either live in or near Ridgewood.
  • Exclusive seat for every profession.
  • Tracking of referrals, with no minimum requirements.
  • Reasonable initiation and yearly dues because RBC is independent and not associated with a larger regional or national organization.
  • A good representation of male and female business professionals.
  • Each meeting includes an educational minute.

Learn more about Ridgewood Business Connections (RBC) by reading a message from our Co-founder and President, Scott Lief